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Nagarjuna Hurting Directors With His Statements

Nagarjuna Hurting Directors With His Statements

Nagarjuna is undoubtedly one of the best judges of a film. He is one among very few stars who could predict the commercial success of a film.

With his vast experience and good taste in scripts, Nagarjuna could guess if a film will be a hit or flop.

Of late he is using his judgmental skills to good effect by taking care of every aspect of the films that he produces.

Nag is just going overboard with this by belittling his directors in the process. He is talking like as if he is the sole reason for the success of his recent films.

He is simply throwing off the blame on others for the failures of his films. He talked so bad about director Veerabhadram after the failure of Bhai. Now he is talking the same about Akhil’s failure.

Nagarjuna believed Vinayak and Nithin to launch his son Akhil Akkineni and they have given their best to make Akhil a memorable film.

Nithin invested nearly Rs. 40 crore on a debut hero and Vinayak also did the best with the story that was approved by Nag and Akhil. But Nagarjuna is not even respecting their efforts and has been repeatedly saying that Hello is re-launch for Akhil.

It is just disrespecting Akhil producer’s money and the team’s efforts just because it turned out to be a flop.

Nagarjuna has been stealing away the limelight from his directors by making statements that indicate he is the sole reason for success of films like Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam.

Even Chiranjeevi plays huge role in the shaping the career of Charan, but he never goes overboard and take the credit for it.



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