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Nagarjuna Cancels Movies for Akhil

Nagarjuna Cancels Movies for Akhil

It might come as a disappointment for Akkineni fans, but senior actor Nagarjuna has confirmed that he will not be doing any movies in the remaining three months this year.

"After the release of 'Raju Gari Gadhi 2' on October 13, I will focus on my son Akhil's film," he confessed.

Akhil's second film "Hello" is being directed by Vikram Kumar. In the past, the director for delaying projects and dragging on the shoots.

However, Nagarjuna has already announced that the film will hit the screens on December 22. To make sure things that the film gets completed on time, Nagarjuna has decided to oversee the production and post-production work. So, he has decided not to act in any film during this year.

"I am talking to Vikram Kumar twice every day to know the progress," the anxious father revealed openly. "Hello" is a crucial film for his son Akhil, whose debut movie was a disaster.

So, what next for Nagarjuna?

"I am getting nice films and unique characters. Recently, I was offered a brilliant role which will have Nani as hero. If everything goes well, it will be my next movie," he told the media.



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