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Naga Shourya: Sai Pallavi Has Attitude Problem

Naga Shourya: Sai Pallavi Has Attitude Problem

In a bold manner, Naga Shourya said ‘Fidaa’ actress Sai Pallavi shows off too much attitude. 

He said she believes she is bigger star than some of the bigger male stars. She puts the producers on tenterhooks as she’d fret for small things too, Naga Shourya blasted.

Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi have acted together in a forthcoming movie called “Kanam” that is scheduled for Feb 2018 release.

The makers are promoting the film as Sai Pallavi’s movie and hardly promoting Naga Shourya.

He made these statements in an interview to a news channel. He also revealed that Sai Pallavi threw tantrums on sets of his movie “Kanam”.

Surprisingly, he also attributed the success of “Fidaa” to other factors by saying that she is just part of it, not the sole reason of the success.

Looks like Naga Shourya got hurt by her starry tantrums on the sets. But he must know that she indeed has huge craze among the youth.

When heroes after delivering a hit show off too much attitude, what is a big deal if heroine does when she genuinely has more craze than likes of Naga Shourya and other stars.



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