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Naga Babu Blasts RGV for Abusing Chiru

Naga Babu is back in news. He ran into controversies several times. He made controversial statements at various functions that put him in spot.

Now he used the platform of "Khaidi No 150" event to attack on Ram Gopal Varma who has been tweeting against Chiranjeevi and the family members of megastar.

He seems to have super pissed with Ram Gopal Varma and writer Yandamoori Veerendra Nath. Naga Babu called that Varma is an Akku Pakshi and Panikimalini Sannasi.

"Some guys are using the names of Megastar and Mega heroes to get fame and popularity. They know that if they make comments on Chiranjeevi they get attention. Hence a waste fellow like Ram Gopal Varma has been tweeting about Chiranjeevi. But that fellow should know that his time is over, his glory has ended. He lost form. If he really wants to throw bombs, I ask him to go to Mumbai and start blasting. Don't make silly comments here," Naga Babu went on.

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Before blasting RGV, he also criticised writer Yandamoori Veerandra Nath who has long association with Chiranjeevi family. But recently Yandamuri made some acerbic comments against Ram Charan and said that Charan has zero talent. This irked Naga Babu.

"That famous writer takes classes about personality development. But he is murkhudu (senseless fellow). He doesn't have character but teaches others how to develop personality," he blasted on. 



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