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Nag-Chai's Dances Were Show-Stealers!

Nag-Chai's Dances Were Show-Stealers!

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha are now man and wife. Almost all the elders who flew in for the marriage have returned. But the younger lot have extended their holiday and decided to stay on in Goa till October 10.

As for the wedding, it is said that the wedding was a fun fare with lots of songs, dance and masti. Right from Nagarjuna to groom Chaitanya, everyone is said to have enjoyed shaking a leg. 

Those who attended the wedding say that dances by Nagarjuna and son Chaitanya were the highlight of the whole affair.

And watching Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya dance shirtless, it is said that the women of the family were totally floored. Nevertheless, Nagarjuna made sure that the videos of these dances did not get leaked online.

Not one to be left behind, Chaitanya's mom and Daggubati lady, Lakshmi too is said to have danced for her little boy.

Special skits were also staged for Naga Chaitanya by his friends led by Rajamouli's son apart from an AV which was specially made with the help of Chaitu's mother Lakshmi showing pictures from his childhood.

And knowing Chaitu's fear of horror films, his friends apparently tied him to a chair and made him watch the trailer of Rajugari Gadhi 2, which stars his dad Nagarjuna and his wife Samantha.

As for the guest list, it included Matrix Prasad, T Subbirami Reddy and wife, PVP and Kishore, apart from family members of Akkineni and Daggubati families.

In all, Nag made sure that his son had a memorable wedding!



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