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More Channels, Less Movies In Telugu!

There are several entertainment channels in Telugu which are testing the patience of viewers by airing films round-the-clock.

Though they don’t have enough number of films in the library, several television networks are starting 24X7 movie channels, claiming that they would air five to six films every day. But what they are doing is nothing but repeating the same movies again and again.

Frankly speaking, none of these channels has a solid movie bank. And it is pretty evident to the viewers as they are forced to watch the same movies again and again.

A prominent media tycoon in Telugu started a series of entertainment channels some time ago, claiming that each channel will dish out a different type of entertainment. But they failed to get expected response from the viewers.

Especially, the 24X7 movie channel of this network has been irritating the viewers by telecasting the same films repeatedly. In fact, this particular network has a huge movie bank, but it is not so easy to provide content for the 24X7 movie channel.

Now, a national network media has also started round-the-clock movie channel. In the past, this network started a channel in Telugu, but wound it up as it was unviable. Even this network does not have enough number of movies in the bank. So, it will also be forced to telecast the same movies repeatedly, much to the disgruntlement of the viewers!



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