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Months Pass, Ravi Teja Still Sits Idle

Months have passed, launch dates were changed many times, and there is still no trace of Ravi Teja working on the movie sets.

Reports came in that Ravi Teja's new film would commence its shoot from 10th June and Rashi Khanna gave dates to the movie. But so far no news about the movie’s regular shoot.

It was said that his high demand of remuneration scared the producers. Then he slashed his price a bit and handed over his movie to his trusted producer Danayya. Still it has not begun the regular shoot.

Producer Dil Raju’s “Yevado Okadu” was scrapped. Producer Damu also dropped Ravi Teja’s movie. Then Danayya took up the project of “Robin Hood” introducing new director. Rashi Khanna has been taken in as the heroine. Now the issue being mentioned is lack of auspicious dates. 

Age is catching up with the star and he is worried with the delays about his movies. Ravi Teja will soon be joining the club of heroes in their 50’s. He is now in late 40’s.



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