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Megastar Compliments Rajasekhar

Till a few years ago, all was not well between Rajasekhar and megastar Chiranjeevi as Rajasekhar made several nasty remarks against Chiru.

When Chiranjeevi launched his political outfit Praja Rajyam, Rajasekhar and his wife Jeevitha who were in Congress Party then made personal attacks on him. 

Now the couple are in Bharatiya Janatha Party and Chiranjeevi is in Congress. Seems relations between megastar and Rajasekhar have undergone a change.

Once known as 'angry youngman', Dr Rajasekhar is testing his luck as lead hero with "PSV Garuda Vega" that is hitting the screens this weekend. 

Surprisingly, megastar Chiranjeevi is said to have called this ageing angry man and congratulated him on coming up with a promising film. Megastar apparently liked the trailer of the movie.

Chiranjeevi also made a comeback this year with "Khaidi No 150" successfully. Will Rajasekhar get the same result?



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