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Megastar Chiranjeevi, What A Pity!

Technicians and actors used to dream of doing a movie with Megastar Chiranjeevi in those days. Anyone or anything was at Megastar’s service during that time.

Now Chiranjeevi is unable to get some time to talk to music director Devi Sri Prasad who is a self proclaimed Megastar fan. Chiranjeevi himself has revealed this at the Sardaar Gabbar Singh audio launch.

“I know DSP as a kid. I was awestruck by his talent and gifted him a watch and said that his time will change from now on. His time has changed to a level that he couldn’t even give time to his producers now! I have been waiting to meet DSP for so long to sign him up for my movie (Katthi remake). He is not even giving time to meet,” Chiranjeevi said.

Chiranjeevi forcibly made DSP to commit for Katthi remake on Sardaar Gabbar Singh stage by putting the top music director in a tricky situation.

DSP couldn’t say no to Chiru’s proposal in front of so many fans and media and agreed to be a part of Megastar’s reentry movie. Although Chiranjeevi felt all of this was in good spirits, mega fans were not happy to see Megastar in such a desperate state.

This is the plight of Megastar now and perhaps this is the reason why he is asking his brother not to quit films.



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