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'Megastar Allu Arjun' Irks Chiranjeevi Fans

Allu Arjun, who has been constantly annoying Mega fans either with his antics, actions or his comments lately, has once again rubbed them on the wrong side.

This time Allu Arjun has nothing to do with the reason that irked mega fans, but his name turned out to be the reason for it.

If we go into the details, online ticketing website BookMyShow addressed Allu Arjun as the megastar that didn’t go down well with the mega fans. They started attacking BookMyShow for not knowing the ‘prestigious titles’ of a star hero.

Mega fans cannot accept anyone being called Megastar other than Chiranjeevi. They would love to see Ram Charan to take over that name in the future, but cannot accept any other mega hero to inherit the title.

In fact Allu Arjun being called as the new megastar on social media and his reaction to such ‘compliments’ turned out to be the biggest problems for mega fans with the stylish star.

Recently during his interaction with media, Allu Arjun said that he would take it as a compliment if people say that he could take over the top seat among the younger crop of mega heroes.

That irked Ram Charan fans as they allege that Allu Arjun is showing his true colors after scoring a series of hits.

They allege that Allu Arjun used Chiru fans and Chiranjeevi’s family to rise to fame and trying to showcase himself as the top star now by sidelining Chiru’s heir Charan.



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