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Mega Cricket Team is Ready!

Dynastic politics is common practice in India. Dynasty also rules in movie world in India. But no family in India other than Megastar Chiranjeevi has introduced so many stars.

Today they have an entire cricket team in Chiranjeevi's family. Yes, 11 members as actors. All of them are working now. 

As Kalyaan Dhev, son-in-law of Megastar Chiranjeevi, was launched today as hero, the team is ready. 

1. Chiranjeevi (Captain)
2. Pawan Kalyan (Vice Captain) 
3. Naga Babu
4. Ram Charan 
5. Allu Arjun 
6. VarunTej
7. Sai DharamTej
8. Allu Sirish
9. Niharika
10. Kalyaan Dhev (new entrant)
11. Vaishnav Tej (to be launched this year)

Well, there are also rumors that Niharika might get married to hero Naga Shourya. If this marriage happens, Naga Shourya will also become 'mega hero' and will be treated as substitute player in cricketing terms.

Anyhow, at any given time Chiranjeevi will have 11 members from his family playing (acting in the films).



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