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Mega Affection On Naga Shourya

Guess what? The latest news that is creating a ripple in the industry is about Naga Shourya's new-found proximity with mega fans.

Despite having nearly 10 mega heroes in the industry, mega fans have taken to Naga Shourya in a big way.

It's interesting to see them promoting Chalo as if they were promoting the film of a mega hero. And the icing on the cake for Naga Shourya is surely the 'nano megahero' title that the mega fans have given him.

There are two reasons for this feel industry insiders -- Chiranjeevi was the main guest at the Chalo pre-release function. He wished Naga Shourya the best and hoped that the film will be a huge success. So, that could well be one of the reasons. But there is a stronger reason say industry insiders.

And that is the alleged wedding of Naga Shourya with Niharika. Though Naga Shourya denied the news in media, rumours have become rife. So many in the industry feel that the support for Naga Shourya is thanks to the 'internal support' of mega family to him.

It is likely that this could be the reason behind latest mega following. Whatever be the case, the mega fan support is quite obvious on social media.



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