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MCA: What The Critics Are Saying

MCA: What The Critics Are Saying

MCA is the second attempt of director Venu Sriram at making it big. The film stars Nani, who is now considered as the most bankable star. And the film is from the stable of Dil Raju, who is known to have his Midas touch intact.

While the film has opened to mixed talk, Nani and Sai Pallavi's work has been appreciated. Let's see what the critics have to say about the film:

Times of India: There's nothing much to be said about the story of 'MCA' really which runs on the same tropes that every other Tollywood masala entertainer does.

It is the BGM that is the star of the show, going in sync with the proceedings on-screen and entertaining the audience.

The first half of the film is entertaining, while the second half gets draggy at parts. A tighter and maybe, a more focused screenplay devoid of masala elements would've elevated the movie to a different level.

'MCA' is good enough for a one-time watch, especially if you're a Nani fan or a sucker for family dramas. Leave your minds at home for this one.

The Indian Express: (Director) Venu has banked heavily on the charming performances of Nani and Pallavi to make MCA click with the audience, as his writing is unambitious and mostly filled with clichés like his idea of middle class.

The Hindu: There aren’t enough moments that keep you at the edge of the seat, which is the film’s biggest undoing. Somewhere, you always know who will win without much of an effort.

The later portions could have certainly benefited from better writing. As an afterthought, breaking away for a needless folksy song in a foreign location before the climax isn’t what you expect from a Nani-Sai Pallavi film.

The Hans India: The narration went on smoothly in the first half and the director was right on track in dealing the movie as a commercial potboiler.

The families will certainly enjoy this movie. Comparatively, the second half of the movie appears to be flat as it completely focuses on the conflict between the hero and villain.

The film has some routineness but it is a complete package of family emotions, romance and fun which is enough for a hero like Nani to score a hit. On a whole, the film gives a 'worth watching' feeling in the end.



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