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Making Of 2.0: Looks Interesting

Making Of 2.0: Looks Interesting

As promised, director Shankar shared a glimpse of Rajinikanth's upcoming film 2.0, just not in the form of a trailer or teaser but through a 'making of 2.0' video.

The nearly 2 minute clip shows the various stages of filming including scenes with the movie's principal antagonist Akshay Kumar.

Akshay plays the role of Dr Richards, a scientist, whose experiment backfires on him and leaves him in a wretched state - he looks like a sad version of birdman. There are glimpses of Rajinikanth as Chitti the robot, of the previous film Enthiran.

There's action and drama (so far no romance although we did get a glimpse of Amy Jackson) and all that other fabulous ingredients which makes Rajinikanth's film blockbuster.

The music (composed by Oscar-winning AR Rahman) in the video is borrowed from Enthiran - perhaps the makers don't want to reveals how Rahman has modified 2.0 with his composition yet.

Lyca Productions, the film's producers, have allotted a huge budget to the Shankar-directed film as is evident from the lavish film sets seen in the video and the film's June promotional gig.

The makers arranged for a 100-foot-tall hot air balloon (with the posters of 2.0 pasted on it) to fly over the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

2.0, which stars Sudhanshu Pandey and Adil Hussain, was earlier expected to release on Diwali.

The film's release has been rescheduled twice now but the makers did not announce a new/final release date in the video shared on Friday.



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