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Mahesh's Biggest Disaster Beats NTR's Biggest Blockbuster!

Mahesh's Biggest Disaster Beats NTR's Biggest Blockbuster!

Spyder has finally overtaken Jai Lava Kusa gross in USA. NTR's commercial entertainer collected $1,554,579 until now whereas Spyder surpassed it with $1,555,077.

Spyder will go down as the biggest disaster in Mahesh Babu’s career with an overall loss of over Rs. 50 crore.

Jai Lava Kusa is being publicized as NTR’s biggest blockbuster although it is an average film at the box office. So technically, Mahesh’s biggest disaster has beaten NTR’s biggest blockbuster collections in USA.

Spyder opened on a high note with Million Dollar premieres gross, but slipped right away because of poor word of mouth.

The film was bought for a hefty price by the overseas distributor who is going to lose more than half of his investment.

Jai Lava Kusa on the other hand was bought for a decent price, but couldn’t breakeven in spite of a strong start in its first weekend.

JLK was affected by Spyder and Mahanubhavudu in its second weekend that stopped it from being a safe venture for its buyers.



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