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Mahesh Won't... Producers Can't

Mahesh Won't... Producers Can't

Brahmotsavam was a major disaster. And it was at that time that the making of Spyder began. At the time, it was felt that Mahesh should try and cut down on the budget of Spyder as it was being made after Brahmotsavam turned out to be a major dud.

A little later, there was talk that Spyder will be made with medium budget. However, by the time the film was wrapped up, a whopping Rs 120 crores was spent on the film.

The team did take a huge risk following Brahmotsavam's results and now they are paying for their miscalculation.

The disaster talk began right on the first day. And by the week after, the buzz almost died out and within a week the fate of the film was obvious.

In fact, if the film was made on medium budget, it would have been in the safe zone. But that did not happen. To add to all this, Mahesh had made a statement that 'whenever my film flops, market has been increasing'. Well, that was the last nail.

So now the big question is, will the team of Bharat Ane Nenu control their budget? Given two back to back duds, it would be wise for them to make the film on medium budget so that crores of money is not wasted in the process.

And it's obvious that Mahesh will surely be aware of such excesses. If he cuts down on his remuneration and tells the producers to cut down on production costs, things will settle down automatically. But Mahesh won't say. And producers won't ask him.

So the splurging continues.



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