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Mahesh Fans vs NTR Fans: Online War Turns Ugly

Mahesh Fans vs NTR Fans: Online War Turns Ugly

In days prior to internet, fans would fight at theatres in towns and cities. With social media, the fight is now online and fans have been poking each other mudslinging at their rivals with ugly trolls and abuses.

There was a time when the Nandamuri and mega fans clashed with each other. At the time, caste was a primary reason. However, right now, fans of Mahesh Babu and NTR are fighting it out online despite both the stars belonging to the same community.

It all began last Tuesday, with NTR's PR team posting Rs 100 cr poster at 4 am, barely minutes after the premiere show of Spyder in the US ended. Since Spyder's negative talk started right after the premiere, NTR fans started retweeting the poster and malicious attacks have escalated further.

In retaliation to NTR's PR team's poster release, Mahesh Babu fans trended a hashtag hating NTR and his PR team online. Later, a twitter handle of one 'Censor Reports' which had been posting anti-NTR tweets came up with a thread about young Tiger that was totally damaging in nature.

As the war appeared to be heating up, both sides maintained silence during Dassera. But once media reports about Mahesh postponing the shoot of Bharat Ane Nenu following the dismal performance of Spyder, online abuses have started again. NTR fans took this opportunity to troll Mahesh based on the news.

A fan of NTR Jr tweeted, "If a superstar cancels the schedule when 45 members of cast and crew are waiting for him, how can it be appreciated."

Another website which is considered to be pro-mega family and pro-NTR also questioned as to how Mahesh Babu can be called a superstar when he has many duds in his career. This set off a barrage of abusive tweets from Mahesh's fans. Incidentally, the website later deleted the tweet.

Meanwhile, the controversial twitter handle Censor Reports claimed that NTR's PR requested them to delete the tweets about NTR.

All in all, once again, the dirty fan wars have come to the fore. With Spyder and Jai Lava Kusa releasing within a short span of time, the murky war has come to the forefront.

Fans, PR teams, some online box-office trackers all got into the fray bringing a bad name to the industry at large.



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