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Mahesh Debuts in Style As Producer

Apart from getting a hit after a long time, Mahesh has another reason to celebrate. His debut as a producer appears to be bang on.

His production house is called G Mahesh Babu Productions and Mahesh and his wife Namratha has left no stone un-turned to make sure that the film reaches to his fans in a positive way.

Before the film's release, Namratha had taken great care to make sure that all ends are covered and that gradual hype was built through various media channels.

She also arranged for one-to-one interactions with various media channels and Mahesh too has been pro-active about the film's publicity.

Now, Mahesh was not known to be so aggressive about publicity in the past. But as a producer, he seems to be clear about his role and to add to the hype, the film too has been getting positive reviews.

So in all, Mahesh the actor and Mahesh the producer has much to celebrate.



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