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Mahesh Babu Returns Advance

Big heroes dates are usually blocked by giving a fat advance. So, was the case with Ashwini Dutt, who had give some advance to Mahesh some time back.

Well, Mahesh is quite busy right now and he does not have dates, so talk is that he hasn't responded in affirmative to Ashwini Dutt.

Apparently, Radhakrishna (Chinna Babu) of Harika-Hassine fame also gave an advance of Rs 10 crores to Mahesh. However, since he is unable to do the film, talk is that Radhakrishna has taken back the advance as interest rates get pretty high with time.

Though it is not confirmed, talk is that Mahesh might still have a couple of crores, but the Trivikram film will not be happening any time soon say industry insiders.



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