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Mahesh Babu Realises Social Media's Power

Mahesh Babu Realises Social Media's Power

Mahesh Babu has finally realized the importance of a dedicated social media team working for his movies and his personal matters.

A big star cannot tweet everything about his movies, there is a limit to such acts. On behalf of the star, a dedicated social media team can quell negative reports, clarify all matters about the star in a professional manner. 

Mahesh Babu had personally noticed the damage that was done by rival star's PR team when his film "Spyder" was hitting the screens.

A rival star's PRO provoked Mahesh Babu's fans with this tweets at 3am in the morning, soon after the completion of the premiere show of "Spyder" in USA. 

Following advice from well-wisher and a senior journalist, Mahesh Babu took stock of the situation and has now formed a team for handling his matters on social media.

The team will update all the information about Mahesh Babu's movies and will also directly face the rival gang's mischievous acts. 

Mahesh Babu is one of the biggest celebrities in India with 4.5 million followers on Twitter. But he occasionally tweets, he doesn't interact with the fans on social media given his choc-a-block schedules. This new team will connect with his fans. 

Separate social media handles MB Team has been created now.



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