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Mahesh Babu Miffed with Trivikram?

Mahesh Babu Miffed with Trivikram?

The relations between superstar Mahesh Babu and director Trivikram have taken a beating recently.

Mahesh Babu himself announced some months ago that he would be starring in director Trivikram's film.

With his announcement, Mahesh Babu's fans went into celebration mode and were looking forward to the film in 2018.

However, the production house Haarika Haasine Creations has announced a film with Venkatesh in the direction of Trivikram.

This prompted media to speculate that Mahesh Babu and Trivikram's movie is not going to happen. Some sections of media even went on to say that Trivikram deserted Mahesh Babu.

Then came reports that the superstar was hurt with the recent turn of events.

Sources close to Trivikram reveal that on knowing that Mahesh Babu is hurt with the announcement of Trivikram's next with Venkatesh, the director called upon Mahesh and explained him in detail.

As per Trivikram's version, he would be making a movie with Mahesh before he moves on to Venkatesh.

Trivikram and Mahesh were thick friends at one point in time. However, of late, Trivikram has formed a bonding with Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh too has started working with other directors.

So, their paths have gone different ways.



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