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Mahesh Babu Does A Salman Khan

Mahesh Babu is very particular about his looks and spares no effort in keeping himself fit. He is also said to be very careful about his health.

Recently, he was in Mumbai for the promotion of his film Ek Ka Dum (1 Nenokkadinne in Telugu) and we are told the Telugu superstar did not miss his gym session even for a day.

Apparently, he would be spotted at the gym bang at 6 am and would spend an hour with his personal trainer. Both his personal trainer and his wife Namrata Shirodkar accompanied him to Mumbai.

Apparently his personal trainer is part of Mahesh’s entourage wherever he goes and the star is said to rely on his regimen totally. Mahesh who always had a fit look, slogged in the gym to get a lean and toned look for One-Nenokkadine.

Ek Ka Dum that released recently is the remake of Mahesh’s Telugu film One-Nenokkadine which also stars Kriti Sanon. Now that Heropanthi is a hit in Bollywood, the timing was almost perfect to release the film in Hindi.

Given his popularity among Bollywood heroines, many from the industry have been suggesting that Mahesh should test his impact in Bollywood. So, it’s a little step for future, say industry insiders.



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