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Mahanati: Why Was Naga Chaitanya Sidelined?

Mahanati: Why Was Naga Chaitanya Sidelined?

Director Nag Ashwin always wanted Jr NTR and Naga Chaitanya to play the roles of their respective grandfathers NTR and ANR in Savitri’s biopic Mahanati.

Naga Chaitanya immediately accepted to be part of the very special film when Nag Ashwin approached him with the proposal. Moreover, he was excited to portray his grandpa.

On the other hand, NTR refused to star in the film as he felt he doesn’t have the guts to play his grandfather, even after consistent requests from the makers.

NTR and ANR portions were shot during the last schedule. While graphics were used to film the scenes of NTR, Chay took part in the shoot to enact ANR.

Since NTR refused many scenes that Nag Ashwin penned weren’t shot. Nonetheless, they shot all the scenes of ANR with Naga Chaitanya.

While many including NTR, Nagarjuna, Samantha and others attended Mahanati audio function, Chay skipped the event due to his busy schedules.

Then he didn’t attend any of promotional events of Mahanati. For unknown reasons, Chay is sidelined completely as no one spoke about him or his performance in the film. In fact, the actor also could not imitate ANR aptly.

However, some feel that makers disrespected Naga Chaitanya by neglecting him completely even though he dared to play his late grandfather.



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