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Liquor Scene Didn't Appeal To Murugadoss

Murugadoss who was in the city in connection with the shooting of Mahesh Babu’s film watched Khaidi No 150.

Needless to say, Murugadoss was the director of Kaththi in Tamil which was remade in Telugu as Khaidi No 150.

Now, this Tamil director doesn’t like alcohol and therefore shuns its presence completely even on screen. Therefore, in Kaththi, we see the villain sipping green tea.

But in Khaidi No 150, the comedy track between the hero and comedian takes place in the backdrop of liquor which surprised Murugadoss and he was also amazed to see Ali in a woman’s get up in the movie and wondered whether there was a need to showcase Ali in that manner.

He expressed these opinions to those who accompanied him to the movie. Well Murugadoss, the tastes of Telugu audiences have always been different to those of Tamil audiences. Tough luck if you didn’t like those scenes.



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