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Limited Options for producer Radhakrishna

Limited Options for producer Radhakrishna

“Agnyaathavaasi” brought huge pre-release profits to producer S Radhakrishna and post-release it ended up being the biggest dud.

The producer is now mired in many problems thanks to the movie as he recently paid huge amount to T-series for the copyright issues of “Largo Winch”, based on which Trivikram wrote Agnyaathavaasi.

Now that the film has become a huge dud, both hero Pawan Kalyan and director Trivikram have agreed to repay some of the amount from their remuneration to settle the issue with the distributors.

It is not clear whether they would give money to Radhakrishna upfront or ask him to adjust the same amount in their future collaborations.

If Radhakrishna agrees to give the rights of Trivikram-NTR’s film to the same distributors, would NTR accept?

NTR has taken normal remuneration for the film as he wanted to work with Trivikram at any cost. Now the equations have been changed, will NTR demand more?

The producer, who is a soft-natured person and being one who has never faced such a dud in his career, has a tough time ahead.

Industry buzz is that he has approached Dil Raju and other industry bigwigs to bail him out and settle the issue amicably.

Only good news is that NTR is not putting any pressure either on producer or director Trivikram regarding their next project.



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