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Like His Acting, His Dressing Sets Him Apart

For film to be different, the actors must be versatile. The actors must take special care to develop a distinct style of their own to add value to their films. But an actor has to have a unique style even in his personal life says Mohan Babu.

Having been in the industry for a long time, Mohan Babu strongly believes that one’s style sets one apart in an industry filled with equally talented people.

At six feet and with sharp, piercing eyes, Mohan Babu looks every bit the ‘he man’. Apart from his films, he also takes special care to look different even in casual wear.

Irrespective of wearing a kurta pyjama or a pant, shirt, he takes special care to look prim and proper. He normally pairs them with a bush coat along with a hat.

Though he personally likes the Kabuliwala style of dressing, he makes sure he does justice to both Indian and Western wear. Apparently, even his sons are in awe of his collection and selection.

But we must give it to the ageing actor that he indeed has a style that many young actors would love to emulate.



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