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Lie Teaser: Slick, Stylish and Captivating

Nithin's upcoming action thriller Lie is gearing up for release on August 11.

The teaser of Lie is out and it is slick and captivating. Stylish action cuts and the dialogue make it an attention grabbing teaser.

Mani Sharma’s background score is one of the major highlights of the forty second teaser.

Nithin is looking very stylish and handsome in his bearded avatar. Arjun as the antagonist is sure to raise expectations.

“Abaddham lekunda ye kurukshetram purthavadanta… Ashwaddhama Hataha Kunjaraha” will give the gist of the title and theme of the film.

Director Hanu Raghavapudi made sure not to reveal anything about the plot but still managed to draw the viewer’s attention.

Credits to the editor who has done a fabulous job in cutting a slick teaser. 14 Reels Entertainment made it on a lavish scale which is evident from its visuals. 



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