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'LIE Did Get Negative Talk': Nithin

Hero Nithin's latest release is LIE and the film released amidst much expectations. However, once the film released, it received mixed response and the overseas collections haven't been on par with the collections of his earlier film A Aa.

"I was sleepless before the film's release. It is the result of one year's hard work. We were tensed about how the audience would receive the film.

The first messages came in from the US. It was a positive response. However, here, we got mixed responses. Some liked the film, others did not.

Going by Twitter and Facebook posts, nearly 50 per cent liked the film, while 20-30 per cent felt the movie was just average, another 20 per cent did not like the film," said Nithin in a candid statement.

He added that initially, the number of people who didn't like the film was high. By second day, the film started getting good response and nearly 60 per cent of the audience liked the film he says. The figure went up to 85 per cent by Sunday he adds. 

Since the story is new and there is newness in treatment, a mixed response was expected, discloses Nithin. But the film has been picking up slowly, which is gratifying, says he.

"After the success of A aa, I was in demand. I could have opted for a soft subject. I could have done a love story. But I wanted to break the norm. I had to make that decision at some point in my career. So, I chose to take up a rough subject.

I requested Hanu to make a film that was different. We decided to use a song or fight, instead of comedy to keep to the subject," says Nithin about why he chose to take a risk by acting in LIE.

Well, surely, these are indeed honest confessions by a hero.

Though his film did not get enough theatres, the openings have been decent, he says adding that he is sure that LIE will make more collections by the end of second week.



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