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Let Sridevi Rest in Peace - Allu Arjun's Plea

Not many are happy with the speculations going around Sridevi’s death. Media is making a circus out of it using visual effects and imaginary versions with minute by minute analysis.

It is not only hurting the sentiments of the late actor’s fans but also maligning her and her close one’s image.

Outburst on the social media against media’s uncontrollable tactics for TRP is huge. Even popular actors are voicing their opinion and trying to put some sense into media persons minds to end this nonsense.

Allu Arjun, who usually stays away from such controversies openly appealed to the media to let Sridevi rest in peace.

“My Humble request to the media, social platform content providers, and people at large. There is a lot of wrong speculation going on. I request each and every one to respect the dead. Thank you! #LetHerRestInPeace,” Allu Arjun wrote on his Twitter page.



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