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Learnt A Lot From Lawrence, Not Mani Ratnam!

Nithya Menon is one of the very few actresses who speak her heart out without any diplomacy. She doesn’t try to impress somebody and aim to be in the good books of a popular personality with her sweet talk.

She is very straightforward and outspoken and that is one of the greatest virtues of this wonderful actress.

When a journalist asked if she learnt anything by doing a Mani Ratnam film, Nithya said “Just because it is a Mani Ratnam film, it doesn’t mean you learn from it. I can’t force myself to learn something because it’s Mani Ratnam.”

Nithya told that she has learnt a lot from Lawrence instead! Nithya says that acting in ‘Kanchana 2’ was one of the biggest learning experiences in her career so far.

“I always believed that an actor can do anything without any guidance. But I didn’t have a clue about what to do when Lawrence narrated Ganga character to me. I asked him to show me what to do and simply followed it. I don’t want to do something easy and make quick money. I am looking for challenging roles and probably not another Kanchana 2. I am done with it. It takes a lot of your energy,” Nithya Menen said in an interview. 



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