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Kshanam Show For Bollywood Celebs

Recently released low budget thriller Kshanam is being appreciated by one and all. Big stars too were in awe of this film. Thrilled with the universal acclaim, Kshanam makers are hoping that someone would be interested in remaking it in Hindi. 

PVP is screening a special show of Kshanam with English subtitles for Bollywood celebs tomorrow to see if someone comes up with a remake deal.

Kshanam has a solid script that has the potential to work in Hindi. Thrillers like Kshanam have done well in Bollywood and therefore PVP is looking to tie with a Bollywood star or a filmmaker for this remake. 

Producers from Tamil and Malayalam cinema are also showing interest in remaking Kshanam. With the good word of mouth and so much buzz around it Kshanam’s performance at the box office has also been decent so far.



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