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Koratala's Counter To Trivikram?

Two star directors and one concept -- a hero who is a multi-millionaire with a mission.

In Trivikram's Attarintiki Daaredi, director Trivikram shows a hero who is almost hinted to be among the richest industrialists at least in India and he flies into India on a mission to reunite his maternal aunt with his family.

He comes to India, buys off the car and buys off almost everything that he needs to accomplish his mission. Well, probably Trivikram wanted to show that a millionaire has to be brash and do certain things to show off his wealth.

On the other hand, looks like director Koratala Siva wanted to show a multi-millionaire from a totally different perspective.

So his hero is a guy who adopts a village, not on paper but in deed. He goes to the village in a RTC bus and lives there and works with the local workers and even wears a lungi just like them.

Where the hero is 'on your face' in Attarintiki Daaredi, the hero is pretty cool and goes about his mission quietly in Srimanthudu.

Now, that is two directors presenting a similar concept in two totally different perspectives. And audiences have liked both the heroes.

While Attarintiki Daaredi broke many records in the year it released, Srimanthudu too is all set to break many records this year.



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