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Kona Venkat Worries For Nandamuri Fans

Veteran writer Kona Venkat who has come up with masala film after film that has clicked at the box office for around half a decade is unable to recreate that magic of late.

His formula seems dated and the audiences are already fed up of watching the same pattern of comedy in all the films.

All the movies that Kona Venkat has associated with have tanked at the box office in the past few months.

Bruce Lee triggered the downfall of this ace writer who has failed to weave his magic in Akhil and Tripura. He was confident of bouncing back and shutting the wagging tongues of critics with his Sankarabharanam.

This movie too is receiving lukewarm response from the audience and critics had a field day with Kona Venkat faltering big time. Can Kona Venkat bounce back with Soukhyam and Dictator that are due for release in the next few weeks?

Nandamuri Balakrishna fans that have high expectations on Dictator are now worrying about the Kona factor in this film. What if Kona has written the same old screenplay for Dictator too is their biggest worry now. 



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