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Kiss Scenes: Rakul Says Conditions Apply!

Rakul Preet Singh today is among the top actresses in Tollywood and is in a position to get anything to be done. She has realized that there are not many heroines around who can act with top league of stars.

Rakul is one of the few heroines who has glamour appeal and also has popularity in the audiences. So she is said to be demanding more remuneration and putting even more conditions. 

In the beginning of her career she has indulged in steamy kiss scenes in Bollywood and in Sandalwood movies. She didn’t care for who hero is or what the scene is. She has given her lips to the hero as the makers demanded. But now, she doesn’t easily accept for kiss scenes, say the makers.

According to couple of filmmakers who have worked with her, she reportedly telling the makers that she can’t give lip-to-lip kiss to the hero unless the scene carries the story or changes the course of the story. She is refusing to do kiss scene for the regular romantic scenes.

Smooch scene shouldn’t end up as mere titillation sequences, she reportedly telling them. More than eroticism, they should have proper requirement - Rakul putting such conditions.



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