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Keerthy Don't Repeat Anushka's Mistake!

Tollywood filmmakers and Keerthy Suresh's close associates have advised her not to gain weight for the role of 'Savitri'. Don't commit the mistake that Anushka did for the movie 'Size Zero', they told her.

Legendary actress Savitri was not known for slim figure. She was little bit on heavier side, as it was the case with many women in her generation.

To look like Savitri, Keerthy either needs to gain weight or add some costume and makeup gimmickry to look heavier. So, her friends and other filmmakers have suggested her not to gain weight for the role.

Anushka gained weight for the movie 'Size Zero' as the character's sketch but paid heavy price for that. Since then she has not able to lose weight.

She tried all kinds of medicines and methods to lose the flab but she couldn't succeed. So, her friends are showing Anushka as example to not to follow. 

Keerthy Suresh is currently shooting for "Mahanati" in which she is essaying the role of Savitri. Recently some stills from the movie were leaked and her face and make up is good and has resemblances of Savitri.



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