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Kattappa Killing Baahubali For Real!

Satya Raj's nine year old remarks against Karnataka about Cauvery dispute have turned out to be a headache for Baahubali makers.

Few Kannada associations are threatening to cause problems for Baahubali 2 in Karnataka. More than Rs. 40 crore is at stake according to market estimates and that is not a small amount even for the film of this scale and reach.

Rajamouli has released a video today making an appeal to the protestors, but will that be enough to put an end to this controversy?

Satya Raj somehow is not keen on reacting to this despite being aware of the turmoil that makers of Baahubali are currently going through.

Rajamouli is truly a concerned man as it can be clearly seen in the video. But Satya Raj seems to have caught between Tamil and Kannada sentiments as it may spark new controversy if he reacts to it.

One thing is pretty clear though. Kattappa who killed Baahubali in the film is turning out to be the real villain for Baahubali in Karnataka.

This controversy could potentially kill Baahubali’s box office prospects in Karnataka as business in single screens would largely be affected if the protestors don’t give up. 



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