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Kalyan Ram Still in Shock!

Kalyan Ram Still in Shock!

What is the market value of Nandamuri Kalyan Ram? This has become a mystery for trade pundits and distributors to guess.

Irrespective of hits or flops, majority of young stars have created a minimum market for their movies and business is traded on that.

However, Kalyan Ram doesn't have static minimum market yet even though he has been around in the movie industry for long time.

After "Pataas", trade felt that he has finally arrived as a star and one can bet Rs 10 to 15 Cr on him. But the good-will that he generated with "Pataas" soon went away after the subsequent flops.

"Sher", "Ism", "MLA" and now "Naa Nuvve" have turned out to be flops and his market has come down with each film.

The latest "Naa Nuvve" has turned out to be biggest dud which is being compared with Ram Gopal Varma's "Officer". The dismal openings to the movie shocked even Kalyan Ram.

Though co-producer Mahesh Koneru moved on by posting that he'd bounce back with Kalyan Ram's next movie, the star is in deep shock, we hear.

He doesn't know what kind of movies he should do. He is not cut out for a romantic drama that is evidently clear. Probably, he should stick to commercial entertainers.



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