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Just A Publicity Stunt

Balakrishna's 'Dictator' is all set to hit the silver screens soon. In the meantime there have been rumors floating around that Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and Tamil super star Ajith have given the green signal to do the remake of 'Dictator' in Hindi and Tamil.

Apparently, their representatives have seen ‘Dictator’ and they in turn have given excellent feedback to their heroes who then agreed to buy the rights for their respective languages.

Normally, this is not the way things operate in the film industry. Only after the success of a movie do heroes from other industries get interested. So the above rumors seem to be just a publicity stunt by stakeholders of the movie.

After all, people would get curious as to what there is in ‘Dictator’ that would make other industry heroes vie for the movie’s other language rights even before the release of the movie.



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