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JJN Is My Pure Love Story After Bhadra: Boyapati

Boyapati Sreenu is one of our top league star directors who mastered the artistic skill of storytelling elevating the heroism with commercial treatment in an emotional family mould.

After directing star heroes on the larger scale of Nandamuri Balakrishna, Allu Arjun, Junior NTR and Raviteja, this is the first time Boyapati handled a relatively young and yet to be established Bellamkonda Sai on Jaya Janaki Nayaka releasing into theaters on August 11. 

On this occasion, Boyapati spoke at length regarding JJN and how the film is in complete contrast with his past six films.

“If my last six films stand on one side, Jaya Janaki Nayaka alone stands on the other side. After Bhadra, this is the purest love story I dealt with. Every beautiful emotion and heart touching family drama evolves out from this love story.

One dialogue I coined for this film as you have watched in the trailer, Lifelo Kashtam Vachina Prathi Saari Loveni Vadulukuntam depicts the depth in love story. Emotions in this film will touch every section of audience of society.

A girl will dream of having a boyfriend like my hero, a father will identity a daughter in my heroine and so on. Especially, lady audiences are sure to queue up at JJN theaters,” a confident Boyapati says.

“A director can be called complete only when he can enjoy every color in the rainbow. Irrespective of the hero artist I have at my disposal, I visualize a new angle in every person.

For example, our audiences have seen enough of Balayya Babu in powerful characters and industry hits but I’ve seen a new side of Balayya and touched his new diction in Simha and Legend which paid off. So, viewing a new angle in every artist is where my real directorial talent lies in.

Bellamkonda is purest form of mercury. I can mould him the way I like so. At first, I get into the skin of every character I pen on paper.

Without involving into my characterizations, I cannot do justice to my script. Character of Sai is so closely tied to our day to day society and this young guy has done a tremendous job which you cannot stop appreciating from Aug 11,” Boyapati praises his hero.

Speaking about the budget and visuals, “till the time I am 200% confident about the subject and commercial viability, I never take up a project. Regarding the locations and grandeur, my primary importance is the expression.

Background locations and visuals are just meant to create an ambience to connect with viewers. When my gripping narrative begins on this visual platform, viewers obviously get locked to their seats. I select only those locations which involve into the story.

After exploiting Bolivia locations for one song in Sarrainodu, I should think of exceeding that quality which made me to scout wide range of spots for JJN.

We shot for 35 days in Thailand and then a fight sequence in Hamsala Deevi will be the stand out experience for long. Visually, JJN will be the next level eye candy of Sarrainodu.”

“There is logic behind selection of every artist. Rakul Preet Singh suits perfect for delivering painful emotions. I worked with her on Sarrainodu and I know what to derive from her. Only on character demand and impact needed from a character made me to pick Rakul and it was mandatory,” Boyapati explained on his artist selection criteria.

“Our industry is facing the dearth of passionate producers. Miriyala Ravinder Reddy is one of the brightest producers I ever worked with. I promise to work with him for second film after fulfilling my few more commitments. Actually, I did Jaya Janaki Nayaka only to fulfill a word of promise made to Bellamkonda Suresh garu sometime back.

After Allu Aravind garu, I can sense a similar honesty and passion for cinema in Miriyala Ravinder Reddy. His excitement, energy and love towards offering a good cinema to Telugu people encouraged me to work doubly hard. When we see producers like this… Pranam Petti Pani Cheyaali Anipisthundi.

I strongly stand on my word or promise made… Maata Nilabettukovali, Mana Bloodki Oka Color Undali… Manaki Oka Character Undali,” an emotional Boyapati says so.

“Like you, I too read many gossips on small tiff with Devi Sri Prasad. But, that is absolutely trash. The very next day when media blew a controversy out of proportions, we both watched Race Gurram together. The audio he has given for JJN is like a basket of chocolates. You can pick the flavor of your own taste,” Boyapati simply wiped off therumor.

Regarding the clash of JJN with two more movies releasing on same day of August 11, “actually, we are the ones to have locked our release date long back and Dil Raju garu owned the rights. We do not want to miss this date because there are many calculations behind. Moreover, our prints have been dispatched to USA and other locations. We are 100 percent ready with final DTS works finished to fullest. The film which has material will shine at the best in coming weeks. God always favors the brave and genuine hard workers. So, I am not worried of any competition and hoping for a long stand in theaters,” one more time Boyapati confidently says so.

“Regarding the upcoming films, I have one with Balayya Babu and one with Chiranjeevi garu. More details on this will come out later,” Boyapati speaks about the future endeavours.

“Telugu audiences are accepting freshness and novelty. I made an honest film which will touch the strings of heart in every Telugu movie loving patron. After Bhadra, this is the refined love story I dealt on,” Boyapati signed off with a positive and pride smile on face.



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