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JD to produce Varma film on NTR?

JD to produce Varma film on NTR?

Ace director Ram Gopal Varma has a different style of film making. He first floats a story idea and sometimes, even announces the title of the film and then waits for the producers to approach him. The preparation of story and screenplay comes at a later stage.

Since Varma comes out with strange concepts, not many producers approach him and those who approach him end up on a losing side because the director makes the film according to the budget. If the story is good, the film clicks but not because of Varma’s great film making abilities.

So, when Varma announced that he is planning to make a film on NTR with focus on his widow Lakshmi Parvathi, it evoked a lot of enthusiasm and criticism, but one doubted whether any producer would come forward to take risk in making a film with him.

However, sources said Varma’s disciple and actor J D Chakravarthi is likely to produce the film titled Lakshmi’s NTR. In fact, it was JD who had approached Lakshmi Parvathi on behalf of Varma to take permission to make the film.

He reportedly convinced her that her character would be elevated in the film and would be shown as someone who had inspired NTR and a kind-hearted woman who saved the legendary actor’s life. Of course, the conspiracies against her and NTR and character assassination would be the spicy elements in the film.

Varma in fact said Lakshmi Parvathi must be definitely something special; otherwise, such a great leader would not have accepted her as his wife.

Lakshmi Parvathi, however, said she should be consulted in every stage of making the film and any attempt to distort the story at any part would not be tolerated.

May be, she does not want her pre-NTR life to be shown in the film!



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