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Jakkanna Trailer: Sunil Tried His Best, But!

Sunil's upcoming film Jakkanna theatrical trailer tried to pack as much comedy as possible into its short run time.

Although there is ample comedy in the trailer, Sunil still flexed his muscles to prove himself as an action hero. Even the comedy in the trailer is not that impressive.

We bet even hardcore fans of Sunil may not be so eager to watch Jakkanna on screen after watching this trailer.

Sunil’s attempts to establish himself as a commercial hero are so evident in Jakkanna. Telugu cinema lovers have made it very clear that they are not looking for mass masala elements out of Sunil’s film by turning down Krishnashtami.

Video: Watch Jakanna Trailer

However, Sunil seems very stubborn about action hero image. Jakkanna needs to be extremely hilarious if Sunil has to get away with his action scenes.

Hope Jakkanna has so much more comedy in it than what we got to see in its trailer.



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