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Jai Simha: The Critics' Take

Jai Simha: The Critics' Take

A film that initially had low expectations, it suddenly generated some enthusiasm when Agnyaathavaasi ended up being a dud.

The film has Balakrishna and Nayanatara coming together once again and is being presented as a Sankranthi gift to Balayya's fans.

Here's what some media people had to say about the film:

The Hindu: Balakrishna’s films come with a predefined narrative style unaffected by time, trends and directors.

The filmmaker subscribes to that school of cinema here too but doesn’t miss out on his signature elements of storytelling, an emotional hook backed by adequate situational, and sometimes, slapstick humour.

The Indian Express: KS Ravikumar seems to have hit a saturation point in his career refusing to make movies in line with the changing times. His creativity and characters are stuck in the 1990s.

In the second half, the story gets depressingly predictable and we are left struggling for reasons to care about the character in the film.

Jai Simha is old wine in a new bottle. Do yourself a favour, sit this one out.

The Times Of India: 'Jai Simha' is not a love story nor is it a family drama. It is purely a film made to elevate Balakrishna and his character Narasimha.

His character and larger-than-life persona even overshadow the plot that seems right out of a retro film. This is Balayya's film through and through, and there's simply no space for anything else.

'Jai Simha' is good for a one-time watch, and is purely just for the 'Jai Balayya' fans. 

Hindustan Times: If you’re a Nandamuri Balakrishna fan, Jai Simha might work like most of his films have over the years, for it treads a very familiar path of violence, romance, drama and action.

Given this is a festival release, Jai Simha packs all the elements in right proportion, ticking all the boxes that ideally make such films click.

As clichéd as it may sound, Jai Simha is a popcorn entertainer that gets most things right.

The Hans India: Jai Simha movie is pure mass entertainer with the moments that fans will enjoy to the core. The movie is surely going to impress the mass movie lovers.

Keeping the content apart, the movie offers proper festival entertainment for the audiences. With some decent performances from everyone and Balayya's one man show, the movie Jai Simha is certainly a one time watchable movie.

The NewsMinute: K S Ravikumar’s Jai Simha is the jarring tale of a bunch of people who can’t get enough of screaming and fighting with each other, with one man trying to be the destroyer of evil and protector of the innocent. Er, like Superman on a bad-hair day?



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