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It's Wrong To Dub Tamil Films Say Producers

There was a time when Telugu producers would dub Tamil films and it did not matter what film they dubbed. And if it was a film of a Tamil superstar, they would dub it without second thoughts and the market never mattered to them.

However, now the producers say they no longer want to dub films blindly. In fact, C Kalyan has openly spoken about the losses he incurred thanks to Uttama Villain.

He says he bought the rights of the film without realizing that the Tamil producers of the film were in debts and adds that this resulted in lots of trouble.

Now, Lagadapati Sridhar too is saying the same thing. He had dubbed Sikander from Tamil and the film was a huge flop.

So looks like the producers are realizing that there is no point in dubbing films randomly without understanding the tastes of the audience.



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