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It's A Full-Length Comedy Entertainer: Sunil

As much as comedian-turned-actor Sunil wants to experiment with a variety of roles, he says audiences won't accept him in non-comic roles as he feels comedy has become an intrinsic part of his acting career.

"When audiences walk into my films, they expect to be entertained. I don't think they want to see me in non-comic roles. Having been a comedian for over a decade, I feel comedy is what audiences relate to me with. It has become an inherent part of my career," Sunil told IANS.

Although Sunil has experimented since he started playing lead roles, he says the result has not been encouraging.

"I tried to experiment with the Telugu remake of Tanu Weds Manu. I hoped audiences will like it, but unfortunately the film didn't do well. It made me realise what audiences expect from me and I try to deliver it as much as I can," he said.

Won't he get bored of doing similar roles?

"I will stop when audiences will get bored of seeing me in comic roles," he quipped.

Sunil clarified that he might be playing similar roles but he says he will ensure each of his character stands out.

"Despite the commonalities you might find in the roles, I try to bring something unique to each character I essay. In this week's release Jakkanna, I've tried to add some eccentricity to my character and that's what makes it unique," he added.

Directed by Vamsi Krishna Akella, "Jakkanna" is slated for release on Friday. It also stars Mannara Chopra.

Talking about the film, he said: "It's a full-length comedy entertainer. It's about a guy who goes overboard to help those who have helped him. The comedy has come out very well and I'm certain that audiences are going to enjoy."

As a comedian, Sunil was busy with over a dozen projects a year. However, things slowed down since he became a hero.

"I plan to speed things up from this year. My target is four releases this year. I've already had one and Jakkanna releases tomorrow (Friday). In the next two months, I'll have the third release and the fourth release in November," he said.

Asked if he has stopped playing character roles, and pat came the reply: "I'd still love to do character roles and even multi-starrers. I need to be approached with interesting offers to even consider the idea."



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