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It Fetches To Have Girlfriend Like Nayana!

It Fetches To Have Girlfriend Like Nayana!

There is a bad talk about film heroines with regard to love affairs. People think heroines lay bait to super rich personalities, whether it is a producer, or a hero or an industrialist and trap them in love affairs. They think such heroines don’t mind, even if the person is already married or divorced; all they matter is whether he is rich or not.

This is the general opinion about many heroines in the film industry. But South Indian actress Nayanatara has proved it wrong.

She has sacrificed a lot for her lover. Though those whom she loved in the past might have reciprocated her true love, but Nayanatara had made a lot of sacrifices for them.

Everybody knows how she lost a lot by falling in love with Simbu and Prabhu Deva. She had to face criticism from the society by exposing her love affair with Shimbu through her SMSes; and later, she almost gave up her career and converted into Christianity for the sake of Prabhu Deva, though he was no way near her status in terms of money and craze among the audiences.

Now, both are closed chapters. According to latest reports, Nayanatara is now facing a lot of troubles for the sake of her present lover director Vighnesh. She is using all her influences to get him chances to direct films with star heroes.

Recently, there was a talk that Vighnesh got a chance to direct a film with a top hero, thanks to the influence used by Nayanatara. The film, however, has not taken off and Nayanatara had to face a lot of troubles. Though she desperately tried to convince several big heroes and producers to get chances for Vighnesh, but none of them said yes, even for the formality sake.

At one stage, Nayanatara herself thought of producing a film for the sake of Vighnesh, but she could not get the dates of big heroes. Finally, it is learnt star hero Suriya has agreed to give Vighnesh a chance to direct his film. And she heaved a sigh of relief.

No wonder, it really fetches for a person a lot to be the boyfriend of a top heroine like Nayanatara. Apart from getting an opportunity to enjoy her beauty, there would be a bonus of getting good opportunities in the industry!



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