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Is This Right Mahesh Babu?

Well, these are the moves that bring down the craze for any actor. His very first film in Tamil has been a huge flop. This naturally means that his next move has to be well-planned. But looks like Mahesh is not particularly concerned.

After a disastrous hit like Spyder, Mahesh should have taken care of his career in Tamil. But he is releasing another disastrous film out there. Yes, very soon the Tamil dubbed version of Brahmotsavam will hit the screens in TN.

Brahmotsavam has been called the second biggest disaster in south. And many are wondering if it is right to release the version in Tamil after a disastrous debut with Spyder.

Mahesh's Tamil career has been affected by Spyder. So it would have been ideal if he waited for a good film to go back. Instead, Mahesh has opted for Brahmotsavam.

In the past, Charan made his Bollywood debut and took a break after he had a flop. Rana too paused his career there after a few attempts. While he is no novice, Mahesh too should have taken a gap.

Brahmotsavam is being released by Bhadrakali Films as Anirudh in Tamil. The film's promotions will soon begin in Chennai and an official release date will be announced soon.



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