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Is Renu Spoiling Pawan Kalyan's Image?

The recent Facebook posts by Renu Desai, who was once married to Pawan Kalyan and mother of two of his children, have stirred a hornet's nest.

During an interview on a new channel, Renu Desai had said that she was contemplating marrying again as she felt the need for a companion.

Goes without saying that after the interview was telecast, fans of Pawan Kalyan got into the act and asked her to remain single and not marry again as it would impact Pawan Kalyan.

However, instead of taking on the trollers individually, Renu Desai made a rather veiled attack at Pawan Kalyan and said that while people and Indian men at large did not seem to mind a man marrying twice or thrice in India, they immediately had problems with a woman remarrying and if at all she takes such a decision, it would result in mud-slinging.

From her comments, it was pretty obvious that she was rather irritated with the interference of Pawan Kalyan's fans in her personal matters. She also posted some of the comments made by Pawan fans on her page.

Ironically, her ex, Pawan Kalyan married thrice. After divorcing Nandini, he married Renu Desai in 2009, after a long live-in relationship. He divorced her in 2012 and the following year in 2013, he married Anna Lezhneva.

Just as Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan is planning his political entry, the comments made by Renu Desai are bound to come handy for the opposition parties.



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