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Is Media Wrong Or Is It Puri?

Puri's rather strange outburst against media after the reports about his involvement in the drugs scandal has once again kicked up the issue of 'responsibility'.

After his grilling by SIT, Puri had an emotional outburst in front of media and claimed that he loved police a lot, due to which he made many positive films on cops in the past.

And not to miss out on media people, Puri claimed that he had equal respect for media due to which he had made ISM.

But now, he says that media has been behaving irresponsibly due to which his wife, mother and children have been crying for the past four days.

He added that the media was tarnishing the image of many without proper groundwork.

Puri claimed that he was rather disturbed by the reporting in various channels and media and added that despite having friends in all media, none of them showed restraint when it came to blaming him.

Now, the big question is, is the whole episode the mistake of cops or media people? Or is it of people like Puri Jagannadh who have given scope to both media and cops to dig deep into the on-going scandal.



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