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Is It Wrong To Marry Into Telugu Family?

Is It Wrong To Marry Into Telugu Family?

Rakul Preet Singh has hit headlines with her rather intriguing comments. The Punjabi belle said in an interview that she wanted to marry into a Telugu family.

She countered if one left aside the question of marrying into a film family, what was wrong with wanting to marry into a Telugu family?

Rakul who is currently on top in Telugu, has started focusing on her Tamil career of late after testing waters in Bollywood.

Her comments have given rise to various questions. Since she has been pretty vocal about her thoughts, her comments have given rise to instant gossip.

As she is from the industry, many are wondering if she is hinting at someone or if she is touch with any film personality from the Telugu industry.

Ironically, right at the beginning of her career, Rakul was linked to a young hero who helped her out at the beginning of her career.

While the story was written about a lot at the time, the rumours eventually died down. After that, Rakul made her way up the ladder and got busy with films and her business ventures.

And now when her career hit a temporary pause button, Rakul has created a sensation by making such comments. Of course, there is no dearth of eligible bachelors in the industry. 

But the million dollar question is about who the lucky one happens to be.



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