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Is It Mere Coincidence?

Industry is a place full of coincidences. Friends and foes make up and break up within no time.

This time around, we are not talking of leading girls making up, but there are strange rumours doing rounds about Ranbir’s girls Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif sharing the same gym instructor.

Of course, one cannot believe that both the girls go to the same instructor, but again, in an industry where one has to have the right curves and looks to be on top, leading heroines cannot have anything less than the best.

So, talk from Bollywood is that both Deepika and Katrina share the same instructor at least for now.

While Deepika who is a morning person hits the gym as early as 6 or 7 in the mornings, Katrina is said to be pretty flexible with her timings. Apparently, she goes to the gym around afternoon or evening and even at midnight.

Now, that could be to avoid a Ms Padukone or probably she really does not mind hitting the gym at odd hours.

On the other hand, the gym instructor confides that Kareena Kapoor-Khan who also goes to the same instructor apparently prefers taking her yoga and exercise classes around noon time.

Well, just in case you happen to be in Mumbai and dream of having a great bod, you surely know where to go!



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